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Brain VR

From the github page of the project: “This is the project B-vr – a short for Brain Virtual Reality. Project B-vr is an abstract audiovisual art form with a goal to create a cerebral virtual reality visual music instrument. And a lots of pyramids”.

Project B-vr is a beautifully made, psychedelic environment experienced through video goggles and controlled or changed by input coming from the brain through BCI (Open Vibe). The question in the project, so far, is: what will determine how the viewer perceives the changes made in the environment by his or her own brain activity?

Is the project aiming at creating a beautiful experience? How is that enhanced by the viewers’ own brain waves? What can this sort of neural feedback loop lead to?

Still: The Congress, Ari Folman 2014
Still: The Congress, Ari Folman 2014

The project is strongly reminiscent of the 2014 allegorical film, The Congress, directed by Ari Folman (with Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel). In the film, new ‘neuro-cinematic’ media means that actors are entirely replaced by their simulations, and the audience experiences film through immersive VR goggles. When the goggles are later replaced by VR neuro-cinematic drugs, it unleashes a new wave of neuro-cinematic entertainment consumers and produces the demand for neuro state control. It’s a dark (but also hilarious) film worth watching if you want to better understand the increasing mixture of entertainment technologies, science, and bio politics.


  • Štěpán Drbohlav
  • Lukáš Hejtmánek
  • Martin Hofmann
  • Lucia Hrašková
  • Evan Tedlock
  • Lukáš Ulrich