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Fashion on Brainwaves

Jasna Rokegem’s Fashion on Brainwaves (FOB) tries to connect fashion an brain technologies. Using BCI’s connected to clothing FOB tries to find new modes to communicate someones mood through what she, he is wearing.
I am curious about her next applications where FOB not only shows a general visualisation of the mood of the wearer, but makes someone really understand that mood. You can find more about it on the project’s website.


Also the Focus Factory project in which Rokegem was involved in 2015, 2016 is interesting. Focus Factory promises to measure your work focus in order to make you work more effectively and as such it is an interesting case of non-clinical use of BCI. I am curious about whether the team that made it has thoughts about the ethics of such an application as it may not be you who uses is for your benefit, but your employer, who might be oonly interested to boost you productivity for coprorate interest.