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Brainhack DART17 pitching session & documentary

Brainhack DART17 pitching session & documentary @ Estonian Presidency STARTS event

The Brainhack project is outlined and participating as one of the main actors in the next STARTS event organised in the occasion of the Estonian Presidency to the European Council on September 14th in Brussels. The session dedicated to Brainhack is entitled “Art and the Brain: Towards Art-triggered Startups” and focus on STARTS actions which foster creative non-scientific applications of Brain-Computer Interfaces. The session includes the première of the BRAINHACK short-documentary OpenMind by Anna Sanmart í and a pitching session of DART17-BRAINHACK edition candidates and announcement of the winners.
Speakers announced are: Anna Sanmartí, director of OpenMind, Sophie Lamparter (DART17), Arijana Walcott (Swisscom/DART17), Luis Miguel Girao (Artshare).

DART17 and Brainhack
BrainHack partnered up with DART17, a testing Lab for interactive experiences, objects and tools in San Francisco and is currently offering in collaboration with the European Commission STARTS Initiative the possibility to apply and win a grant to participate in the DART17 program. The grant is specifically dedicated to the BrainHack Spinal projects, i.e. those projects that participated in HackTheBrain hackathons and showed exceptional potential for further development.
The winners of the DART17 opportunity will be announced during the Estonian Presidency STARTS event. Pitches are scheduled between 16:20-16:35 CET on 14/09 in Bozar (SALLES TERARKEN).
The Spinal projects representatives presenting in Brussels are:

  • Senscapes: Joe Barnby, Music Producer & PhD Candidate in Neuropsychopharmacology (King’s College London)
  • Bisensorial: Diego Maranan (University of the Philippines Open University/CogNovo), Agi Haines (Speculative Designer, Plymouth University), Sean Clarke (Independent Composer)
  • Human CentipEEG: Dr. Graham Healy, Data Analyst (Insight/ Dublin City University)
  • Labyrinth Psychotica: Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a), Artistic Researcher (Labyrinth Psychotica) (video), Marie-Anne Soyez, Production and Management Assistant (Labyrinth Psychotica)
  • Second Brain: Martina Huynh, Designer
  • The DART17 program represents a clear opportunity for most of the Spinal teams to continue their project and focus on further developments beyond the hackathon model. The DART17 winning project will be able to test its idea in the Silicon Valley eco-system, collect industry feedback and gain support to develop it back in Europe.
    Registrations for the event are free and open via this link.