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Brainhack at 2017 Graz BCI conference

The Brainhack project was presented at the 7th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference, 2017. Angela Riccio, our Rome based project team member from Fondazione Santa Lucia, illustrated the Brainhack project concepts and activities.
The GRAZ conference is organized by the Institute of Neural Engineering (formerly known as Institute for Knowledge Discovery) at Graz University of Technology, This is an internationally renowned research institution with focus on brain-computer communication and dynamics of brain oscillations. During the annual conference stakeholders from all over the world unite to share information and insights in a broad scientific multi-day program. Besides the general presentations, many side activities are also presented. To get an idea of the full program, check the program on the conference website.

Image: Angela Riccio and a visitor at the poster wall where the project was presented. 

Angela reported about the  spinal projects selected by the BH consortium to make the scientific community aware of these the non-clinical BNCI applications that have emerged from the art-science collaborations that took place during the hackathons. The projects are also shared online in a special repository on GitHub. Through this GitHub repository the work becomes more public. This enables others to not only get inspired to work on own BNCI projects, but others can also build on the knowledge that has already been shared. Anyone who is interested in the projects so far, can find all the documentation on