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D2.5 Report of the art-science collaboration

The report resented here is a result of the proces of organising the BrainDance performance in Brussels. This was shown in September at the BEAF’17 (Bozar Electronic Arts Festival). During the preparation of the BrainDance performance, BrainHack partners have explored in debts the process of mentoring art-science collaboration in the area of theatre. A number of shortterm residencies at TLU offered to artists and scientists have accompanied this work. Modern theatre is going through transformation where new media and neurotechnologies allow for collective co-creation where spectators become spectactors. A new level of mutual understanding and compassion between performers and spectactors can emerge from a dynamically evolving performance shaped by collective emotional experiences. BrainDance has embraced a number of emerging research topics such as neurocinematics, neurochoreography and collective brain-computer interfaces

The report further describes the art-science collaboration experiences during the proces of preparing for the BrainDance performance.