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D3.2 Links to BCI international society

On this page we present a publication of public report on how the project established meaningful and innovative links to the international BCI society

The BCI community has been reaching maturity and a number of active labs, so the currently finishing CSA BNCIH2020 ( put together a task force to work towards creation of official BCI Society. It will be officially announced at International BCI Conference at Asilomar, USA in 2016. FSL members (Prof. Donatella Mattia) have close contacts with several key figures in this Society (Prof. Jonathan R. Wolpaw, Prof. José del R. Millán and others). An official BCI Society will make sure that the BCI field has a strong unified voice, for example, to inform the general public, interact with the media, promote BCI research, work with other societies, and lobby funding agencies. Other goals include managing finances for meetings; maintaining a website; educating people about BCIs; and creating/ publishing guidelines, standards, and recommendations. If the proposal is successful, FSL will present the BrainHack project at Asilomar and will assure the strong links between this CSA and BCI Society working groups related to future BNCI applications including art and creative industries. Thus BrainHack shall become a part of current fresh strong stream of interest towards art-sci collaborations on BNCI area.

In addition, using a long-term collaborations with other BCI labs and wide network of BCI related labs that have been connected via CSA Future BNCI, and BNCI2020 and BCI conferences (e.g., Graz BCI bi-annual Conference, Workshop on affective Brain-Computer Interfaces), FSL will engage and advertize hackaton activities of BrainHack projects to attract young BCI researchers.