About Hack the Brain Hub

The Project
The BrainHack Project aims to connect scientists, artists and the general public who are interested in human-brain-generated signals.

The BrainHack Project’s main goal is to inspire both scientific and artistic communities to use the BNCI interfaces, to engage with all the different facets of brain research. Most of the BNCI (Brain and Neural Computer Interfaces) devices are designed to read and record the EEG – electrical signal emerging from brain cells’ chemical communication as measured non-invasively from the scalp. These are the most popular and accessible of all the tools used for imagining biological signals, as well as the easiest to use in a variety of settings, hence they are highly convenient for both field research as well as in the creation of music or interactive installations.

“Hack The Brain” Hackathons will take place during 2016 and 2017. These Hackathons will bring together scientists, artists, technology providers and entrepreneurs to work collaboratively on innovative brain-related projects using BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology.

BH Open Source Repository
Are you interested in the human brain? Become a part of the Brainhack community!

People with different background and distinct focuses should be able to share ideas and knowledge, to cooperate. Our GitHub repository contains basic information about EEG signal acquisition, processing and analysis, and about possible hardware and software options. The core of our repository is created by BH hackathons’ participants – the GitHub repository pages store info about projects they have been working on during hackathons. All the posts in repository are editable by any user. Everyone can contribute.

Who can join?
Researchers! Scientists and researchers use BNCI to assess the state of mind, emotions, or specific reaction of the brain to distinct stimuli; to develop tools to help people with disabilities or to map the possibilities of human-computer interaction in its widest.

Artists! BNCI devices are used by artists to create imaginary realities that react to the viewer’s momentary state, to compose brain generated music or to make movies that react to momentary moods.

The General Public! BNCI devices are being used by the general public to visualize brain activity, to reveal states of mind. Brain generated data also can be used to control electronic devices. A variety of applications using BNCI to train mental skills and to master self-control mechanisms as well as to provide treatment for such diseases as epilepsy or depression via playing brain controlled computer games is available for BNCI users.