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BR41N.IO in Linz // Sept 8-9 2017

What’s happening?
The goal of the BR41N.IO hackathon series is to bring people of different professions together. Engineers, programmers, artists, physicians, graphic designers, everyone is welcome! During the hackathons, participants will work together and learn from each other in interdisciplinary teams. Together we merge well established hardware and software with great minds in order to create and develop a new, innovative and exceptional ideas. The party organizing this hackathon is GT-tec medical engineering. This edition will take place during ARS electronica festival

What will G-tec help us with?
From their supportive role in earlier hackathons G-tec learned that setting up the equipment is the greatest challenge for people experimenting with EEG. Therefore they have now developed an approach that enables teams to quickly get the whole technological calibration and set up out of the way. Because G-tec provides this help, teams can spend their time on really organizing their concepts instead of getting tangled up in wires and endless code.

OK, but who can participate?
Everyone! If you have an interest in working with brainwaves, neural interfaces or new inventions, and you want to learn or do more with this, then this event is for you! The hackathon is an opportunity for all participants to come together in a creative, social space to experiment with innovative and novel analysis techniques and applications of brainwave data.

Don’t worry if you are not an expert in this field. We will provide online tutorial material in advance. During the event workshops will also be organized to help teams develop their projects. At the event we also aim to provide artistic, scientific and technical mentors and helpers to support you. By joining a team, you’ll get the opportunity to work intensely with new people from a range of backgrounds to explore, collaborate, converse, and create together over the course of the weekend.

Sounds good! Where do I sign up?
Check out the main page or the specific event page for more information and signing up possibilities

Hack the Brain Dublin June 9-11th 2017

Explore the art & science of brain-generated signals in the heart of Dublin city! Enjoy summer in Dublin the same way as the Irish do – indoors, out of the rain!
WHAT: Create, explore, connect, learn, hack and build. Two full days in Dublin to experiment with brain-generated signals through the lens of art and science.
WHEN: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th of June (kick-off event Friday evening 9th of June)
WHERE: Science Gallery Dublin, Pearse St, Dublin 2 (on Trinity College Dublin campus)
WHO: Artists, designers, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, engineers, developers, hackers, makers and anyone interested in exploring art and science using brain-generated signals.

Hack the Brain Dublin is an immersive creative weekend in Science Gallery Dublin which aims to get artists, designers, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, engineers and developers working together in transdisciplinary teams to develop ideas into prototype artworks, objects, inventions or interfaces which use or harness brain signals and brain-computer interface (BCI) technology.
Teams work together to explore, collaborate, converse, and make work together over the course of the weekend. It doesn’t have to be complete or perfect, but something new will be made.

From March 31st until May 8th, Science Gallery Dublin will invite submissions for Hackathon project ideas. 6 ideas will be selected by the curatorial panel, comprising representatives from the BrainHack consortium. Winning ideas will be announced May 12th. There will be a travel/accommodation bursary of up to €500 for the selected ideas.

Preliminary Schedule:
Friday June 9th:
15.00-18.00: BCI clinic (drop-in workshops)
18.00-20.00: Kick-off with invited speakers & jury members, introduction to projects from team leaders
20.00-late: Social

Saturday June 10th:
09.00-20.00: Hacking (including intermediate pitching sessions)

Sunday June 10th:
09.00-18.00: Hacking
18.00-19.00: Final pitches
19.30-20.00: Awards ceremony
20.00-late: Social event

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Photo credit: Memory of a Brain Malformation by Katharine Dowson, part of TRAUMA at Science Gallery Dublin.